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Ggh by nebezial

this chased me in my dreams last night...but then it cornered me in a pantry...i fed it ham and it was happy

maybe all monsters just want some ham

death vigil 6 out on january 28th by nebezial
death vigil 6 out on january 28th
my apologies for the delay. 
for some time there was a family health crisis, concerning my mom, this culminated in december and derailed my schedules

but that was resolved, so death vigil 6 in its  slightly oversized glory is coming out next wednesday
a photoshop brushset...enjoy :) by nebezial
a photoshop brushset...enjoy :)
ignore the preview image and hit download. 

enjoy :)

feel free to use them for anything you want commercial, non commercial, whatever, but more than that, if you find some that you like...

study them , examine what makes a brush tick and try recreating them :)

this is something anyone experienced will tell you

the real fun begins when you start making your own brushes :)

i got pointed towards it and asked to share this...
looks damn good. give it a look ! :)…

i got pointed towards it and asked to share this...
looks damn good. give it a look ! :)


stjepan sejic
stjepan sejic-
comic artist and writer
alternate account :iconshiniez:

currently writing and drawing-

death vigil
and sunstone

currently drawing

aphrodite9 for top cow
and a buttload of covers for top cow, dynamite, zenescope and dc comics

tumblr..which i rarely use XD nebezial-asheri
twitter- stjepansejic don't expect great wisdom there XD


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Youkai229 Featured By Owner 7 hours ago
I cannot BELIEVE you Jossed Sam!?  There has got to be another way to piss off good guy characters to make them take a level in bad-ass.  I really hate Main Character death!  ANd here i though the cover was the old comic book trick of what if, almost, screwing with us cause comic don't leave many really dead.  But Noooooooo; he's really dead, AGAIN!  For real this time!  Braaaaggghh!!  *goes apoplectic*
mpwreade Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Dear Stjepan. . .I am so emotionally distraught right now, I barely know what to do with myself. I love your Death Vigil series SO MUCH and #6 was SO good, but it was SO SAD :C I'm in complete denial. I can't wait for the next one, please let it release soon <3
johnstonpaul Featured By Owner 1 day ago
MooskiNet Featured By Owner 1 day ago   Digital Artist
As cliffhangers go, DV6 is a suckerpunch.  Great, great work.
gossj10 Featured By Owner Edited 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
tx soo much fr the brushes nd i use some of it here…  especialy those stamp like brushes, can ya find em in there it kinda easy fr ya  lol :) oh nd i love your death vigil comic nd im lookin forverd to more :)..nd tx soooo much fr the video tutorialy you make i learned a lot frm them and i used it on this work too :) it would be a great help if you do more video precess nd tuts in the future .

.tx again BWAAAAAAAAAH... <<man i love this sht lol 
Cifer-2 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Comixology finally updated half an hour ago and had #6.

And... well... ouch. Seems like I got something in my eye. It might be a pick-axe.
dancingdeerplz Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New member
the dancing reindeer was there
Tinka-Rothchild Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2015
So sorry to bother you but trying to work out this:…
It says it's Volume 1 but is on preorder and has 284 pages. Is it a compilation of the first arc? So volumes One thru to Six?
So sorry if you have already explained this somewhere but I'm really keen on getting a physical copy of DV (I'm in Australia and there are no comic book stores near me at all) so if this is a compilation I'll be preordering it. I already have all the digital copies but having just received my copy of Sunstone (please ignore drooling..) I'm itching to get more in my hands :D 
nebezial Featured By Owner 5 days ago
1 to 8, i haven't announced it yet cause i am waiting for the previews magazine to release preorder codes
DeuxExZero Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2015
Predivno. Odicno crtas covece. Pozdrav. 
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