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this is gonna be a news loaded week.... 
with death vigil 6 and sunstone 1 just announced for december...i got to GET BUSY!!!…


stjepan sejic
stjepan sejic-
comic artist and writer
alternate account :iconshiniez:

currently writing and drawing-

death vigil
and sunstone

currently drawing

aphrodite9 for top cow
and a buttload of covers for top cow, dynamite, zenescope and dc comics

tumblr..which i rarely use XD nebezial-asheri
twitter- stjepansejic don't expect great wisdom there XD


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MooskiNet Featured By Owner 3 hours ago   Digital Artist
So I'm pre-ordering DV5 at TFAW, and I see a variant cover DV1 for sale (for a hell of a lot).  I'm assuming this is kosher?
nebezial Featured By Owner 2 hours ago
it's one of those sketch covers things i think :)
jeditoby Featured By Owner 6 hours ago
Hmmph. Apparently, I can't preorder Vigil #4 yet on ImageComics. 
SeDevri Featured By Owner 18 hours ago
Ok so i'm just reading issue 1 of Death Vigil and i get to page it just me or are the two characters sitting in the background in panel 2 Ally and Lisa from Sunstone?
Oomi Featured By Owner 22 hours ago
Apparently you are well liked over at
jm1681 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
I was wondering, is there any chance Death Vigil might get a single volume omnibus release? I'm buying each issue as they come out, but I'd LOVE to have a proper volume on my shelf :)
X--SOLDIER Featured By Owner 1 day ago
I just wanted ta say that I randomly picked up Death Vigil on ComiXology this last week, absolutely LOVED it, and then was hunting for art on it tonight, and found your DeviantArt. It also just so happens that I'd been watching you forever, but I haven't logged into DA in ages or I'd probably have seen all this sooner. ^^; Additionally since I saw your other art, I just picked up book one of Ravine, and felt overly compelled to drop in and say - you're amazing. Keep up the excellent work all over the place. :D
Onezumi Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Did you have anything to do with the current Infinite Crisis book? Some of the art/coloring looks like your style.
nebezial Featured By Owner 1 day ago
i drew a few pages  as it fit nicely in my schedule :)
Onezumi Featured By Owner 1 day ago
 I knew it! You have a unique and awesome style. So far it is the best art in the book. The first comic (or the third digital) was very disappointing art wise. My fiancé really liked your "construct" from the end of the second comic (or 6th digital I think). She thought it look a lot like an Asari hologram from Mass Effect!
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