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July 3, 2012
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adora and she-ra...testing design and style by nebezial adora and she-ra...testing design and style by nebezial
its fun to keep things fresh by changing ones approach to style every now and then

so staying true to my previous subject matter i went and drew me an adora to she-ra ratio. i lovesd in the heman rebooted series the fact that adam was a kid, a teenager, it made the whole noone knows he is he-man premise plausible.

so i wenth with the same idea for adora, but kept the orifginal sword design. its an unbeatable classic

i figure adora is a kid who id afraid of shera to some degree, power of universe, living lightning in ones veins, it is an overwhelming experience. also i figure that adora is clumsy with pulling the sword out given its size

yeah... just brainfarting, but it is fun nevertheless
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Hmm the idea is interesting, but with that difference in height either Adora should be about 9-ish and have the shape of a young boy or She-Ra is a giant towering even over He-Man and Man-at-Arms... going after Adora's look that seems to be about Adams 14-16-ish age she should reach about chin height for adult/grown-up She-Ra. That "late" in puberty girls don't grow several full heads anymore, their most important growth spurts are roughly around 10/11 and 14... compared to 13-ish and 16/17 with boys... When switching from elementary to secondary school suddenly a lot of girls had several finger widths in height on me (formerly the largest boy in class), which was really irritating when you were used to be just the greatest ;)

Mind me, that would still have her being kind of a third of She-Ra's volume as the difference in shoulder width and muscle mass still would be impressive and similarly deceiving as with their male counterparts... and doesn't change anything about your excellent character analysis / thoughts.

What about high heels? I think Teelas "Uniform" featured kind of "combat stilettos" giving her at least 2 inches on Adam compared to flat-footed so that might "excuse" another bit She-Ra is higher than her alter Ego...
Derp. Well, even if they are twins I kind of figure that Adora would be far smaller than her twin brother, if not she would just be another Teela. The heights look pretty accurate if you ask me, it's around the same size difference that there is between Adam and He-man in the 200X series.
Kronosaurus82 Aug 31, 2013  Professional Artist
Your She-Ra looks so powerful, and yet so feminine. :)
That's the actual height difference, is it? _
It does add a interesting dimension 
In my opinion the best "run" on She-Ra I have ever seen. Absolutely superb.
SemiJuggalo Jul 5, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love how you made She-Ra pretty much an Amazon, compared to Adora. I really would love to see you as head of visual design for a MOTU reboot.
It's a good sense of proportion that's long overdue.
JediMasterEeth Jun 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
LOVE it!
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