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June 27, 2012
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×! by nebezial! by nebezial
black and white stuff really makes you appreciate latex, there is no doubt about it, the easiest damn material to pull off realistically... ironically as i hear... hard to pull off

and yes this is who some of you think it is, ally from shiniez... and i know what happens a few strips down the line.... aaah the perks of being me XD

and also, honestly this one wasnt done for the trolling chuckles, but is a genuine product of too much cofee cant sleep too bored and unmotivated for anything complex.. had a crapload of work to do today as it is XD
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'Friends don't let friends Dom drunk'
Yeeooowwtttccchh!! I am SO glad that this is only a work of art, and not real life!! <shuddering in fear>

Word of advice to anyone who doesn't already know: do NOT play with a dom/me who's not sober! You WILL be sorry!
TOOOO Lattttteeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! 

Thy is sort of like nukes
if yer close enough to see them yer too damn close
If I was a domme, i'd totally find an excuse to use this... but such is life as a sub
Oooh shit I've seen a real drunken domme and let me tell you......crap I can't. Let's just say I ran around like a headless chicken looking for a bolthole while my mate was assailed by the domme (who is his missus). That was an awkward night for all....especially since I was the sober man for the evening.

Great facial expression though and the poking out of the tongue really makes Ally more menacing and gives her the feel like that of a xenomorph from alien. The reflection of her leather clothing was epic and incredibly well done. Although I thought that the reflection of Ally's glasses detracted from her face a bit too much. Considering her tongue was poking out and the booze is streaming past her face it felt a bit too busy. But that's my opinion and who cares this is a great dynamic piece!
Tilly-Monster Jul 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You ebil evil man! XD Id heard about this image, my friends have revealed a few my my comic and story sectrets out. Loves it!
luluds Jul 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
PFFFFFF this is hilarious
Wassurp Bro reali loving your latest stuff. Keep Pushing Man
RainbowChesh Jul 3, 2012  Professional Artist
XD oh god a drunken ally and no one wants a drunken domme or dom @_@ leads to bad bad thiiinnngs *sad kitten face*
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