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December 14, 2013
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just keepin it real by nebezial just keepin it real by nebezial
ah the cyclical nature of comics. inevitable every fanfiction will become a canonical reality XD

aaand i love them for it XD
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conner-of-dragnet Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014
Ya sorry to say this but I believe Batman and Wonderwoman are a better couple. I'd go into great detail why but I doubt anyone would want to hear it.
CaramellCat1998 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014
gotta fluff his face X3
aaaaceace Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014
I love the picture but I still don't see the appeal of WW/SM. To me it just comes across as bad fan fiction where they are in a relationship not because they actually have good cemostry as Diana and Clark, but because they are Wonder Woman and Superman. So could some explain what they see in there relationship that makes it work.
starwind001 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 25, 2014
Well... The first thing I recommend is you go read "Superman and Wonder Woman" in the new DC publications, it one of the few things DC has done exceptionally well in their new line, it will give you a far better demonstration than any explanation; but even if you don't and just look at the old 52 there was always a deep sense of affection from both sides, Diana even almost confessed once but the writers chickened out,. If you want a direct example, Google Action Comics #818. The main reason they haven't gotten together before was more or less this:…, if either character was in a stable supportive relationship with someone they could consider an equal then it's harder for lazy writer to churn out issues since the damsel in distress bit will have to be mostly cut out along with tons of other monotonous drama (how often does Lois intentionally get in to trouble for her own selfish ends, completely disregarding the huge danger she puts Superman and may others in, all for the "big scoop").

Imagine you had to live your whole life putting on different masks everyone, even the people who supposedly know your secret identity, never allowing to yourself to truly relax and let your guard down. Thats what it is like for these two, because even as members of the JL there comes a stigma for the most powerful beings, the stigma of never allowing yourself to be wrong, of being the gods everyone NEEDS you to be to keep the peace or worse still, to make sure humanity doesn't come to fear you. There is more to superman than just Superman, there is Clark Kent of Smallville, Kal-El of Krypton, Superman the god, Superman the man, and something in between all those that Diana refers to as Kal; and Wonder Woman has just as many masks, if not more. Unlike hero's like Batman (more like anti-hero) whose life is dominated by one persona (Bruce Wayne is is part of Batman not the other way around) these two find a balance for each portion of their lives; Clark Kent understands Diana Prince, Kal-El of Krypton understands Diana of the Amazons, Wonder Woman understands Superman, the ever strong daughter understands the ever virtuous son, and so on. Then comes the tiny bit in between it all, the one that they can't show anyone else because others have no place for this part, the part that has everything all together and it is a mess, a mess others don't want; but imagine you had one person who held no other expectation of you other than to be you, what wouldn't you give to have just a few precious moments free of all the mask when you could share the deepest part of yourself with someone else, wouldn't you love that person?

There is also the physical aspect (that everyone loves to dismiss for reasons I can't fathom), imagine you live in a world made of wet cardboard where every moment of your life you have to be extremely careful with everything you touch becuase every hug, handshake, or pat on the back could mean serious harm to any normal person. How absolutely terrifying and painful must it be to be afraid to reach out and touch the one you love because if you lose yourself in your emotions for even a second you could end up holding a mangled corpse, does that not weight on who you can keep closest to you? Would you not be overjoyed to have someone you could love and hold without worrying about hurting them. I could go on with this but I would need a book to explain the entirety of these two and why the works together on more than a physical level but I have rambled enough.
aaaaceace Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014
Nice argument but I still disagree. I think Clark's relationship with Lois helped him keep in touch with humanity and the common man. I also think that it could have been used to help establish some character traits for Clark, personally I would have written him as being a little nerdy and have him be a stay at home dad which would have also given more time for running the administration side of the Justice League.

Now I agree that they need to stop making Lois the helpless damsel. I would make her a documentary film maker who goes into war zones and the like and then show that she can handle herself without Superman coming to save her.

I also think Diana needs to be a little bit more butch than she is now. Give her a hair cut, replace the corset with actual body armor (no boob socks), make her taller and have larger muscles. Because feminism has changed and with comic books filled with overly sexualized women the creators could stand to fall back from this by starting with Wonder Woman. Also by paring her with Superman the creators are kind of saying that the only way a woman can be happy is by being with a man who is as powerful or even more powerful than she is. Plus it makes Wonder Woman look like she is part of Superman's story rather than being the star of her own.
starwind001 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014
I am going to go out on a limb and assume you are a feminist, in which case you are going to really hate what I am about to say. Superman's relationship with Lois has actually taken more of his humanity and his dignity than any other character (even Batman); Lois was not a helpless Damsel, she was a user, she knew that her actions could have horrible consequences and she carried on anyway because she knew that Superman would always save her, even if it meant his life. Now imagine this very same woman was given complete financial power over Clark Kent, also consider that in almost every story where Superman lost his powers Lois was either missing or threw him out like yesterdays garbage. What you are proposing is Clark build his life around Lois by being a stay at home dad (something that should be impossible given that he is an alien), Lois has demonstrated time and time again that she does not respect a man who builds his life around her (as do a lot of women), their relationship would quickly become more abusive until Lois would discard him.

As for Diana, making her butch would be an insult to her as a character. Diana exemplifies that a woman can be both feminine and still have the strength of character to be a hero, this has been stated in canon for decades. Making her butch implies that a woman must take on masculine traits in order to be an equal to her male peers, something Diana herself would find insulting. Your opinion on her outfit fails to account for what kind of culture she comes from, in terms of modesty her current outfit covers more than what the ancient Greeks wore in to battle (…. In order to make her as you wish her to be you would have to butcher her origin, all to satisfy a modern feminist ideal.

And here comes the part you are really going to hate, you said: "that the only way a woman can be happy is by being with a man who is as powerful or even more powerful than she is" was wrong... Well... it's not. How many women want a guy who is physically weaker then them? Shorter than them? Dumber than them? The answer is not many, women are attracted to certain things in a man simply due to the way their biology works, the same is true for men. Do you think Lois would be attracted to Clark if she could physically overpower him at any moment. Finally, you totally ignored my point about how a massive difference in strength would destroy any relationship, so this time I will use Diana to explain. Say Diana is sleeping in a bed with Steve Trevor, she has a nightmare during which she kicks... now, depending on her sleeping position there are any number of pieces that Steve's body has been torn into, but I think it would be safe to assume he is dead or close to it. For someone with such great strength a relationship with anyone not on their level would just be negligent to the life of others, man or woman.

aaaaceace Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014
Lots of men become stay at home dads and are perfectly happy, so to say that women disrespect their husbands for staying at home is insulting both men and women. Second I never said Clark should build his life around Lois, what I said was that Clark could be a stay at home dad because it would offer him more time to help run the Justice League and give him more personality as a man who is not afraid to perform what is traditionally seen as "women's work". I mean he is Superman, it is not like he has to worry about his masculinity. As to how this could happen, well not only could they adopt a child but there are plenty of stories where Lois is able to give birth to Clark's children. Finally just because some past stories have Lois being badly written does not mean all of them have her acting like that, plus how about instead of getting rid of this classic character the writers just do a better job with her. Plus she was not a user and she did love Clark Kent for being Clark Kent. 

So when Diana was first created the idea of a woman being both strong and feminine was pretty revolutionary and at the time was a modern feminist thing. But guess what? Times change and character's change, what was once new and revolutionary is now old and stale. We have dozens if not hundreds of strong female superheroes who are also very feminine, and that's great. But now we need to show that women don't need to be like that to be a hero, that they can be manly without being a stereotypical "angry butch lesbian with penis envy". Also I know that Wonder Woman is suppose to be the most beautiful woman in the world thanks to the Goddesses, but beauty is subjective and since the Amazons are not Americans, they have their own culture and therefore have their own ideals for beauty. Also having Wonder Woman being romanticly involved with Superman is probably far more insulting to the original idea behind her creation than my idea to give her a hair cut and better body armor. Finally Wonder Woman's costume is nothing like actual Greek armor and the link you posted didn't work. Now here is an example of how I think Wonder Woman's armor should look like,… It covers her full body, it's functional, and yet pays respect to the original costume design.  
By having her date Superman you do make it look like Wonder Woman needs a man who is equal or even more powerful than she is. There is nothing wrong with Diana wanting to date a normal man or woman. Yes she could hurt them do to her strength, but that is just part of the problem of being a superhero and a good writer can make that an interesting part of her character. Now you may have some very good reason for wanting to see them together but I assure that for the majority of the fans and creators the only reason they are a couple is that they are iconic and not because they make a good couple. I personally would rather just see them as friends, as someone they can turn to for advise and will always have their back rather than someone who they are in love with.

But this is mostly just personal opinion and I think you made a very valid argument even if I still remain unconvinced.     
starwind001 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014
You are entitled to your opinion and if my points have not been enough to convince you, I doubt anything I else I have to say will change your mind. As for the link, let my try again,… or you could just Google Ancient Greek warfare. I have enjoyed this back and forth, thank you.
aaaaceace Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014
Thank you for being respectful of my opinion. But Wonder Woman's costume is nothing like Ancient Greek Hoplite armor. It looks like a girdal or a corset because that's what it was meant to like.
thewatcher509 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014
Batman doesn't recieve sloppy seconds. 

Everyone else does.
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