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January 14, 2011
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ravine- Reaper of Ardunat by nebezial ravine- Reaper of Ardunat by nebezial
robe of shadows and dark, armor of bones and the blackest of hearts... that is how the rare survivors described him

a new necryte , first after varda that appeared in the ravine continent, and in eyes of many though to be none other than varda reborn

despised, hated by all but above all by wizards necrytes are considered as a rare and unnatural mutation and should be destroyed, luckily necrytes are so rare that in the last 3 thousand years scriptures mention only six ever appearing

what is it that separates necrytes from regular wizards

in essence it is the ability to cest magic without penalty of sacrificing maga, their lifeforce

all magic in ravine is essentially a proces of mixing inner lifeforce energy, or maga with exterior potential energy of the world. energy that links smallest of building blocks of existence together , known as necra is abundant , limitless, but in order for it to be harnessed a mage needs to sacrifice his own lifeforce

the two energies are then wowen together through barans spiral engraved on caster weapons and given form by mages will

small spellwork doesnt use up a noticeable portion or mages lifeforce, and a reasonable mage can still live up to deep old age, but large spellwork takes a heavy toll on mages lifeforce

necrytes posess the innate ability to channel necra but keep it from attracting their own maga, thus being capable of using spells of great strenght with no sacrifice to their own lifespan

potentially this makes them gods among mortals, for a skilled necryte can perdom massive spellwork and even make hoimself unkillable for a short while by manipulating the necra that links his own body , thus making his own body vibrate into an unstable existance that is impervious to physical attacks and many magical ones

this ability is most useful but it gives the necryte a disturbing visage as his body is in a state of flux constantly pulsating between the state of existence and borderline nonexistance itappears as his bones are emergind and sinking underneath his skin

still unlike varda , reaper of ardunat seems to be prone to keeping a low profile, appearing now and then usually in a center of some great destruction, all beginning with the tragedy that befell ardunat 12 years ago

still last two years there have been no signs of his appearance so some think the reaper has left the continent to plague some other place
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