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January 23, 2011
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ravine- alven silverlake by nebezial ravine- alven silverlake by nebezial
a veteran of 3 wars and numerous battles alven has ranked up to the position of general in 6 years of his military carieer

his loyalty lies with the kingdom of wranthorn ruled by the house of reiyus it is his unquestionisng loyalty and sense of honor that impressed even king nebezial who found in alven a first true friend in a long while

his combat skills may be lesser than those of antheus prayne or arjent azure but his tactical prowess more than makes up gfor it, he is often referred to as wizardbane asje has proven himself over and over again to be a masterful surpressor of opponents wizardry forces

tho not a wizard himself he is incredibly versed in the magical lora and has long studied it to find weakpoints of many spells that were once considered most powerful weapons on the battlefield. it is this that earned him a rank of general and made him into a legend among the non magic wielders
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Just stumbled into your gallery somehow and holy friggin cow!!!!! I've never seen a style and raw talent that has captivated like this before. Im an instant fan.
parveens Nov 7, 2011   Digital Artist
its realy nice
Very handsome man wearing some glorious armour!
Zhaanman May 27, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Astounding how the armor glimmers as if true metal Love his expression and Powerful stance Powerful look!!
Badass! As said before, I like that he's rough and rugged. Character diversity is always pleasing to my eye at least XD. I like his ears too, is that their normal design biologically, or are they notched from battle or something? And his armor and the colors are really good as well.
Drawgon Mar 23, 2011  Professional General Artist
Amazing work, but... what happened with him ears? Did he lose a piece in combat?
Sijelh Feb 11, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
He should so totally be in Dragon Age... as a bad ass played by Russel Crowe ;)
HELLGATEMARINE Feb 10, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Bad ass
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