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April 5, 2013
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ravine- ophelia corredan by nebezial ravine- ophelia corredan by nebezial
during the second arenian expansion, lady ophelia , ruler of the corredan dukedom was on her own after the death of her husband. many worried how the generally silent duchess who rarely spoke in any of the political meetings would hold the reigns on the one of the greatest lordships in the continent.

some thought that the silent duchess might be manipulated, used for their own plans. first year of her reign she fulfilled the expectations nobles had of her. she kept things going as well as she could in times of war.

rumors spread. corredan dukedom was bordering the arenian expanse, and with many messengers of areni dropping by, lords presumed that lady ophelia would ally the corredan lands with areni.

little did they know that in silence lady ophelia listened. while many shouted, and argued , she pondered. she worried. she was a smart woman. proficient in histories and lore. and a great worry burdened her.

it was over a year since arenians started slaying dragons. harvesting their tears, all for the purpose of gaining the greater military edge.

most say in it only that. the sole danger was with arenians. ophelia had her own opinions. she knew of old alliances dragons made with people of ravine. of old promises sealed in blood and fire.

she saw the mistrust in dragons recently, aggression even. she saw and heard them roaring towards west. calling.

it would be an understatement to say that the lords and kings of the lands that opposed arenians were shocked to receive a summon from lady corredan. yet most of them answered it. and so, on an autumn night, ophelia corredan shared with them her fear.

arenians broke the pact with the dragons, old code that said man would not slay a dragon nor a dragon man. , now dragons called. they called for justice, they called for blood...and she thought there is one that might answer

baran, the eldest living dragon, giver of magic and son of mergarand the dragonfather, and barahea the dragonmother. of the eldest , he alone lives.... somewhere in the west.

ophelia proposed that they must stand alongside dragons. show their allegiances, and stop the bloodshed.

some agreed, possibly more for personal interests. united alliance is far more efficient at scaring off the opponent.
some said they would consider it.

and so corredans organized raids in which dragons were released, saved again and again.

still..arenians were relentless... and dragons, kept calling.

it was late winter that baran answered their call, and obliterated arenian borders. he then called his kin, and from them hr found out that not all have broken the code. many defended it with their very lives. baran learned of the woman. lady corredan. and with her he made the final pact. that of corredan flame. not a pact of mastery, but protection. just as corredans protected his kind, so will his kind treat corredans and all blessed by them as family.

and dragons take good care of their family.

ophelia's wisdom saved many lives that year, and later on she was inducted as an honorary matriarch of the sisterhood of anya. what was once the dukedom of corredans had become a great city. it's name was dregya, and it was protected
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Calmar Featured By Owner 3 days ago
This work is outstanding!

I love her confident expression, her short hair and her armour. :+favlove:
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There are few people I would be willing to outright worship in this world... Stjepan Sejic is one of those people! :heart:
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Maybe a slight inspiration by Antje Traue?
nebezial Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2013
not even a little bit
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