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December 28, 2012
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so i tried reading some new comics.... by nebezial so i tried reading some new comics.... by nebezial
i tried reading some of the new dc comics, , cause of the whole reboot, i though, hey, i'll jump in on some of that. i do love the characters in the cartoons...

and..just... damn...

see its a personal nuisance for me. i worked for years on witchblade, working hard to get the whole tna reputation out of the way. ron and i did relatively well with that

we were constantly taking shit from the people who read superhero comics, and got a crapload of condescension

and now... well.. seems like the shoe is on the other foot

because... just ... wow. there are many many amazingly well done comics, just brilliant in both artwork and writing.. but some are just... uncomfortable

i am a great believer that sexuality in comics serves a purpose, and works best when earned through character development.

it is supposed to be subservient to the story, it needs to be given a better purpose than just... hey, look sex!

so far the female characters in dc have been a bit... um...lets just say mishandled.

this is merely one man's opinion. no better nor more important than anyone else's. if you disagree that is your right.

and i hate the damn harley, arkhampromiscuousoversexualizedjailbait design

always have always will. it lacks the tongue in cheek humor, it lacks the likeability, but it replaces it with a lollipop sucking jailbait

and for anyone who thinks themselves clever to go and point out that i'm drawing and writing sunstone, and yet i have a problem with this, i will save you the embarrassment.

sunstone is a comic ABOUT sexuality.
therefore there is sex in it

these are comics about superhero's that are saving the world on a daily basis... that is their premise...see what i'm getting at here?

oh and to explain my problem with catwoman XD

in the comics tshe often fights the same supercriminals as batman...

buut, batman is walking aroung in a boryarmor nowadays... selina... in a latex catsuit

what is the armor rating on your average catsuit?

we will ask killer croc XD

aaand fixed XD, "s"word removed thank you for turning the discussion of poor handling of female characters in comics to a discussion of semantics.. it was... pretty entertaining and in some points enlightening :)

so here is where all the confusion came from

my name is stjepan sejic and i am a croat!

hi stjepan

so , in croatia we have taken cursing and derogatory terms to a level that many would think unimaginable

it is often so crazy that some of the offensive words never quite... graduate

slutty for instance , in my country never really got to the rank where it would be used to define a woman's sexual behavior in a derogatory way.

we have about 60 far worse words for that

here word pretty much is used for a dressing style, that is ..oh lets say less than practical.

,now that you know this, i think the original intention of my message becomes clearer ...tho many never had any problems of guessing it

message was that female characters deserve more dignity in their treatment in be more than a eyecandy afterthought existing for nothing else than to hump random people without any insight to why.

i'm just saying if we have to know why a guy has a different colored suit, it would be useful to know why a female character is about to have sex with a random guy.

ultimately i found the right words i wanted to use to explain this situation

it is political correctness.

you presumed that every country has it as highly developed as the top few.

unfortunately we do not, that train is coming to my country too, but its slow moving and we put obstructions on the tracks

till then , there will probably be some confusions, so try to realize that maybe the person talking to you is not being judgmental, they just express differently because such is the norm of their country :)
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daChaosKitty Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Favorited a hundred times over for the image, and for the sentiment!
I absolute love the illustration of HQ and CW, and I have tried reading the reboot of DC comics and yeah, I'm not really comfortable reading them at all now. As a girl, I enjoy sexiness as the next guy but I like it to have substance and purpose not just eye candy. Which is probably why about the only mainstream comics I read are from Top Cow and X-23 series. They're making girls(women) a little too objectified for my taste.
Pilvi91 Jan 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This is amazing.
It's one reason I often don't like female characters in comics (or action movies for that matter). This is really well done, I love their expressions :)
This is awesome,well said!
beauty and brains. I like it.
This is awesome. And I agree with the amount of armor on a catsuit. Something like the batman beyond catwoman is more practical and awesome.
OctoGear Dec 29, 2012  Student General Artist
I disliked the Arkham games design for Harley Quinn way to much.
She's defiantly one of my favorite female villains, and i loved her in the Batman animated show from the 90's.
And the new design? come'on!

i feel like Harley lost the dignity she once had, and became a oversexualized hooker from the 2000's.
She's not as funny as she used to be... guess Mr. J got sick of her not overly exposed body is a possibility... or maybe Harley wanted to catch his attention (or horny nerd boys living in their grandmas basement in their late 30's). blah i don't know. I always thought Harley was Cute and sexy with her full body latex suit, now i find her... a tad cheesy and mainstream... just NO.

This picture caught my attention, i love Harley and i wish i could be just as insane as her :heart:
"0" for Catsuit armor, but traditionally it is called bullet proof nudity. With bonuses for how attractive.
Maroonz80 Dec 28, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Completely agree!!! Thank you
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