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April 20, 2011
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witchblade 144 detail by nebezial witchblade 144 detail by nebezial
just a fun part of a panel from wb 144 featuring sara in her old red latexy dress , this is merely a cutout, panel itself is actually made with a proper background , this is merely fun
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DIS god. This is what made me a fanboy all those years ago.
What a gal :)
CosmOSmocker May 14, 2013  Student General Artist
her slutty level is TOOO DAMN HIGH!
at that scene in the original comic she was undercover dressed up as a it kinda makes sense
CosmOSmocker Jun 26, 2013  Student General Artist
Dude, no matter how perfecty done this artwork doesn't change my opinion about comic's machism.
as a man, i'm disapointed by the lack of reversed situations, like joy boys, fat people as heroes...:D

keep making hot stuff!
Fat people as heroes? There is a logical as well as aesthetic reason why that's not gonna happen.....
CosmOSmocker Sep 16, 2013  Student General Artist
well, when it does, it rocks and, in fantastic worlds, everything should happen.
But the only place i've seen fat heroes are in detective/hardboiled novels, it should be more common in other kinds. 

Aarto Paasilina's crazy elderlies stories are infinitely more exiting than all these repetitive schemes, like:

A kick B ass, B trains himself/finds a powerup of some kind, kicks A's ass back, then it's A's turn and the loop continues.

I dont call this logic, i call this repetition.
we all know exeptions, right? i'm all about that.

See, if you can get a fat person to be as fit and strong as a fit person who is toned and muscular, then that is one thing. But, with all of that fat slowing him down? Not happening. See, Darker than Black had Anti-Hero Huang. Breaking Bad has Hank and Mike, but they aren't as quick and active as the heroes you see in comics. Huang wasn't as fast or agile as Hei, but he did know where to be to provide cover fire for him. 

Fat people being heroes isn't impossible, but its more likely they will end up stationary to make up for their physique. . . . . .

Funny story, as I was typing this I wrote "Black people" in place of "Fat people" by accident. Then my friend pops into my room and yells: "SURPRISE MOTHAFUCKA!" 
Best Day EVAR! 
CosmOSmocker Sep 17, 2013  Student General Artist
the fat men, when they have a place in the story are often badass. 
i've got to draw one good (fat) guy for my own project. aphter all the main nemesis is an very angry midget ><

i don't remember huang, but DTB is pretty hard to follow, gotta watch the animes and the mangas again.
if they arent, they have to be all sweaty ^^ look for the manga "i am a hero" it's an interesting zombies story.

me likey. xD 
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