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yeah---i like young justice... alot by nebezial yeah---i like young justice... alot by nebezial
a really well written show with good characterization in my opinion... and no i dont read the comics. my problem with superhero comics is a long running one.

too convoluted ... you can never have a serioes that is on its own, they all jsut feel the only way they will get you to read their other stuff is to shove ti down your throat by continuing storylines in other titles....

cartoons are wonderfully self contained
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jbenko Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2016
Honestly, I thought the writing on YJ was mediocre and I hated all the leads.
jsonka Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2015
All I want for Christmas is a third season of Young justice
yamilboricua Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2015  Student General Artist
sigh.... i miss young justice... I have the same problem, I always wanted to get into reading some of my favorite heroes comics but its just overwhelming all the different series, event inter winding arch between different character... so yeah X-men was off the table that shits confusing just to decide where to start. Finally I decided to just do Batman, the regular batman comic since i could just get it in volumes then i realized the Death of the family thing ran between like 10 different comics! I got the joker one so i could just read the arch as a whole and since then I've been sucked into Nightwing, Batgirl, Teen Titans and Batman & Robin.....

anyways young justice was the best thing since the Batman animated series, Batman beyond and justice League! at least you can just watch a show start to finish without having to watch 10 other shows at the same time to get the full picture!  lol
Needham-Comics Featured By Owner May 23, 2014
So the T on Red Tornado is a fan?  Cool idea.
Dragoon159357 Featured By Owner May 7, 2014
That...must be the most awesome Red Tornado I've seen since... Since the creation of the character, I guess.
Peekaopolis Featured By Owner May 4, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
oh red tornado.... XD
Omnipotrent Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014
toba122 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014
I know what you mean about the continuing storylines thing. Sometimes I'd just like to read a story arc that finishes up in one issue or two. That's why I like the n52 Deathstroke books. For each issue, you get a good fight scene, and the storylines usually don't take more than two issues to finish out.
KyronicArtist Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I read comics, but I agree, the multi-title crossovers are really annoying and make it hard to follow the story. I read an issue of Superman and next thing I know, I've gotta pick up the latest Supergirl or Superboy issue to understand what happened before.
halisme Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013
Young Jusice, dont R.I.P, seriously, come back as a zombie.
Spider-boyN2Jesus Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013
Agreed! I'm still completely dumbfounded that this show was cancelled--not to mention insulted that it was cancelled because the merchandise wasn't selling. WTH!? I think this is my favorite super hero show ever--next to Batman TAS--heck, it might even be better--or could have been if they hadn't cancelled it >:C...
Spider-boyN2Jesus Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013
I don't really have a problem with comics though, myself--although I do hate what they've been doing to themselves recently o_O...
ThefirstEpidot Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013
Your take on DC is just amazing.
VictorTran Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2013
red tonardo look like iron man with blue caped, i always imagine him like that. Thanks !
MisterNefarious Featured By Owner May 19, 2013  Student General Artist
I really like your design for Red Tornado. I always felt like he needed to look more like a machine
HeroKoriandr Featured By Owner May 1, 2013  Student General Artist
... :iconalotplz:? Do you mean "a lot"?
guitarfan01 Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Joker = Tenth Doctor o.0
MichaelHoweArts Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2013
I love your Red Tornado design!!!
Youkai229 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013
Nice red tornado redesign. i like androids that look like actual machines.
ctaborga Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013
I love these designs, particularly the Mr Freeze in light of the unfortunate new 52 redesign. Any plans for a more detailed version?
ParadigmFallen Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
The series is great... although the Joker is pretty much murdered writing-wise. He's so un-funny that I have trouble believing it was by accident... but you have to hope it was anyway.
friendofpie Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012
Nice art, would be cool to see your take on the main cast of YJ too.
slackerrae Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012  Student General Artist
Oh I love that show I'm so mad they put a hiatus on it
TheOnlyBoss Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2012
Well said!(:
Carlson-art Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012
I LOVE how you did the "T" on Red Tornado! :D very creative! Mr. Freeze looks pretty awesome too! :)
spacebroccoli Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
me too! And amazing work by the way! [link]
xavirfrost Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2012
Me too. It's my favorite cartoon.
Bbird11 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I love that show to
OverLapingLeafs Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, I'm not too big on comics either. I love the stories and characters but most of them are too long-drawn for my taste.
samnoonan Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
coolist pic of the tornado I've seen
AdamWithers Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012  Professional Artist
If you like the idea of superheroes but don't like superhero comics, try Kirkman & Ottley's "Invincible." As a guy with many of the same problems with Marvel/DC as you, I find Invincible to be a nearly perfect comic. My favorite superhero book ever, and I've read a LOT of them, it does just about everything right. Worth your time if you have any to spare.
CallMeFarGone Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2012  Professional General Artist
I agree. I have switched to reading more Image titles because of Kirkman. Sadly when a good story starts to run with DC/Marvel... they switch gears and ruin it or discontinue it all together, i.e. Marvel's "Runaways". So miss that comic.
AdamWithers Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2012  Professional Artist
I just stick with the original Runaways mini by Vaughn and ignore the rest. Keeps me happier that way. Other than Invincible, I've basically given up on superhero comics.
Austin-Buell Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2012  Student Filmographer
I agree. Many comics are so difficult to follow I just wait for the TPB editions if at all because in my opinion , they don't have the stuff to their own comics or do stories that don't just carry on and on.

Loved this show and I haven't had the luxury to watching it, but this is good concept design. I take it the second from the far right is Mr. Freeze?
Kradeiz Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2012
I gotta agree with you there, I like the different comic book-based TV shows and movies WAY more than the comics themselves. Especially since comics seem to be getting more and more gruesome with each passing decade.
bolsterstone Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2012   General Artist
Your statement about Superhero comics is very true and I have been very close to quitting reading mainstream comics a couple of times for that very reason. Quite a few times I have seen some wonderful storylines and hard work by some authors and artists ruined by a sudden editorial push to do a tie-in with a massive multi-issue event. (Example: anyone remember "Joker's Last Laugh"?)

Anyway, I've enjoyed the work you've done with Top Cow (and the artwork you post here). Please keep it up! :-)
HewyToonmore Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2012
mr-redx Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2012  Student General Artist
Do a Miss Martian pic!
9threaver Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2012
i love this show also, has it been cancelled though? great skecthes, i really like your version of red tornado, i didnt like the idea of his armour just being so 'flat' looking.
bwahhahahaaa Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2012  Student Digital Artist
pfft nooooo
9threaver Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2012
its still going then? thank god, if they ended this show so early it would tick me off, its so excellent
bwahhahahaaa Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2012  Student Digital Artist
yes it's win.basically what is helpiing dc keeep it up
every one's rushing to marvel because it has new movies coming up every second(exaggeration)een as we speak they're shooting ironman3 .thor 2 and antman and such are also coming basically dc needs a hook other than batman and youngs to save their faces in the moving pictures industry.
9threaver Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2012
young justice is definitely that 'hook' i cant say what side im on really, i like both marvel and DC.
bwahhahahaaa Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Have you read JLA-Avengers?
IT's amazing!
you should read it since you seem to love comic books.If you haven't I mean?
9threaver Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2012
i usually only really read graphic novels tbh. i find it hard to jump into the series from comic books, i always want to start from the very beginning of a series of comics, when it actually started which is really a curse. is the JLA-avengers recent? if so it will make it a lot easier to 'jump' into that?
bwahhahahaaa Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I'm more of the series watcher than the comic reader.But I have been reading the siege series and have finished civil war...I'm working my way slowly but surely into the material and also the industry (hopefully)
the JLA-Avengers was back in 2003,and had 4 books only...but You can easily jump into that if you know most of the avengers and JLA haracters and and universal powers :D
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ShadowFox-inc Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Estonius Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2012
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