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this is gonna be a news loaded week.... 
with death vigil 6 and sunstone 1 just announced for december...i got to GET BUSY!!!…
aaand here we go again XD………………………………
will be updating the list XD

on a related note... after i send issue 4 to print , i'll make some nice wallpapers and stuff...

aand back to work... HUZZAH!

dafuq is it with me and huzzah....really? i never used to say that. o_O

also... another video... finishing up issue 4
aaas you can see i am working on issue 4 XD
behold my weirdass method!

i sometimes do this daily spitpaint group challenge on facebook

you get a theme and got 30 minutes to paint it
videos aren't necessary but i like making them so...
here is the 30 minute skeleton lord XD

i actually do recommend exercises like these for any would be professional, they help you adjust and balance the speed and quality aspects of your workflow. you won't always get the best results but you will start thinking in new ways while painting

so give it a try if you want to :)

and yeah...i still havent resolved the microphone issue :/

so death vigil 1 came out...and i am bushed XD

seriously, this has been an awesome more ways than one

first here are some more reviews...and holy crap is this not all of them XD…………

and 2 interviews……

so far so here i am now exhausted and finishing second issue for next months publication

buut then there are some additional good news.
the way things are going it is a good chance we will be publishing twitch

but then there is another big news which i wont reveal yet

thank you everyone who bought the comic and /or promoted it. you may have just triggered  twitch becoming a  published comic, no kicstarter no nothing. 

as soon as i unload death vigil 2 , methinks some nice video tutorials will be a nice way to show gratitude

till then,  death vigil 2 will be out next month, and as i am reminded to  say 
preorders in this business are EVERYTHING.

on ravine 2 front. it is being sent to print in a week so updated  date on it's publication will be announced real soon…

meanwhile all is looking good on issue 2  hitting every deadline set!
love it when  a  plan comes together!

aaand there goes my masculinity ....byeeee! XD

first review of death vigil is out :)…
sorry for the journal spam...but damn it this is just nice to see XD…

now off to finish issue 2 before 1 is out XD
ghost in the shell's motoko kusanagi

votes are closed now. there were a few  suggestions that were getting up there in votes as well, and i actually thought one of the others would win but ghost in the shell snuck by an invisible  agent.... on a spidermech XD

you know,  about 15 minutes in we started joking about it here and came to a conclusion that i would probably end up  drawing, my little pony, kill la kill, or pokemon

dodged them bullets like the matrix XD
thanx everyone, tomorrow i will get to drawing it :)
it has been a good day, so....

after a long time i will do one fanart of anything on demand

you, the people :icondkrbaneplz: get to choose what i will draw
as long as it does not violate deviant art policy of course

just keep in mind, sailor moon is excluded this time as that won the last   one of these XD

start dropping in suggestions ,  i will keep this open for about 6 hours from now

by the way i should mention, i will actually count the votes  XD
also please look at the previous comments if you could and if you see your idea already suggested, please just +1 it, it will make counting the votes much simpler and it would be much appreciated :)
don't know why, it is just weird seeing myself making a page layout XD even i have to admit my methods are a bit odd

it is done! ron just delivered his final pass over my writing,  book 2 is headed to print

first of all my sincere apologies for everyone who waited for the book, it has been plagued with a series of bad luck events

you can see a detailed explanation for the delay here
ravine book 2 and an explanation by nebezial

so.. where do we go from here?
simple.. i am so friggin happy to get it done that i am going to do something   big

i will post the entire first book on deviantart+ 40 pages of book 2 

i will do so in the next few days  a si got to  get my  final pdf   from top i misplaced my original final pdf file
so stay tuned, there be dragons XD
first of the vigil by nebezial

so, this july i am starting death vigil, published by image/top cow. it will be a monthly series limited to three 8-issue arcs, so there is a definitive ending. with this i have learned some of the things about publishing independent comics, and i am planning a video  with some tips after i summarize my experiences. hopefully it will prove helpful for others to get their stuff published

but apparently rule 1 is promote preorders.  preorders are crucial for independent books as they define  the print  runs, and are crucial to the sucess of the book.. so.. as my  far more experienced friends told me to do....

death vigil is preorderable ...pretty much in any place or webstore that carries  US comics. 

you can find an extensive preview to issue 1 and much more here…

now, for some frequently asked questions

what about ravine? ron marz assured me that he will be done with his part of the work this weekend , so with just a bit luck we are sending book 2 to print next week. in fact once we do...i will make a big announcement here, alongside a bit of a surprise :)... A HEFTY..HEFTY SURPRISE

 what about twitch? ah yes...twitch. here is the deal, kickstarting  books like these is  a tricky business, complicated , anfd loaded with calculations... so here is pretty much how this stands
if death vigil is successful i get a free pass to go with twitch, no kickstarter no nothing, a full green light... so it pretty much stands on my shoulders and relies on my abilities as a storyteller to  capture the attention of the reader...

i have done this on some who knows XD

with some luck i will go full  self written material... and then well...i have fun plans. 

oh and next week video+audio tutorials coming. set everything up and just gotta clear everything from my backlog till this wednesday so my ranty accented english can grace your ears...TILL THEY BLEED!!!!! XD

Oh also , next week we'll be doing second round of  features, but more on that when i post that journal :)

okay after people asking ans suggesting, so here are some online shops that offer preorders on death vigil, more to come as this is jsut the ones i googled now, feel free to drop me   some links if you find more, i'll get more from my  peeps at top cow on monday

directly from top cow store…

online shops…………

for europe i personally have  been buying from archonia so i know them to be very reliable and professional, if you know any other webstore  feel free to tell me :)

more updates to come 
okay, a foreword  first. as this thing is just starting up i realized going through the suggestions that this is too chaotic. by that i mean that there are many reasons why i should feature a majority of suggested artists here

so then it hit me. after this first promotion, next journal will be a different one. we are going to go by different categories, one week we'll have traditional artist week, other a comic artist, another a crafter, a sculptor, manga, animation and so on

so if you haven't gotten  featureyd yet it is jsut because this first run has been far more chaotic and in need of a structure. a structure we will from now on have.

so this week i will have this journal on. next week we will do suggestions let's go with  my own teritory to start the categories. comics
next week we will start with sequential comic artists- not pin ups, i mean people posting actual pages
we'll do pin ups too. choices will be based on the storytelling skills for this one

but all in due time. so this first very random list is  gonna be  just all sorts of artists
and after that we are going  structured. meaning  better chances for people to be featured, hell i may extend the features above 10 so be patient, if your favorite has not been listed yet, as i am still looking for the best way to do this :)

so without  further ado, a very random list for this first week, filled with some skilled people :)

this artists craftsmanship in bone is....mindblowing. bone is difficult to work with, i know, back in the day i tried.this artists work is a masterful example of the craft

magnificent gallery of generally fantasy work, showing the skill of color use and volumes which surpasses mine. his works have a very Blizzard like feeling colorwise while maintaining a very traditional artwork feeling to brushwork


amazing designwork and execution both in 2d and 3d, anyone interested in design, and zbrush , i recommend giving his gallery a look

magnificent gallery full of both amazing studies showing mastery of both volumes , and color as well as mastery of general form of human vbody

while at the same time featuring some amazing and adorable fanarts. seriously nija turtles ones are just awesome

a very skilled and constantly improving artist. it is an awesome thign to be able to look through someone's gallery over time and her handling of color and volume is steadily improving which in my experience is a good sign of an artist to keep an eye on!

great illustrations and studies...if a little bit poor in numbers. and not just views, i mean actual numbers 46 deviations in 6 years? move your lazy ass!
but other than that , artist shows great skill in treating volumes, motion, and great mastery of color.

all there, great mastery of characterwork, form color gesticulation and expressions, so really someone i  as a comic artist can recommend


um...yeah...i...quit!    XD  but really, it comes down to this, if you like drew struzan style poster work... and i usually hate these kinds of comparisons... oh just go ansd see it

true skill often means doing something in a deceptively simple way that still makes a piece look just...right. his gallery does contain nudity, fair warning. however the thing that blows my mind with his work is how his skin rendering is so deceptively simple any yet often conveys more depth than all the rendering in the world would. just one of those things where one might go; i could replicate this....and then fail endlessly.


amazing use of color and form combined with  a generally cool style in the great tradition fo udon studios crew
holy hell that was aaa lot of suggestions

as such i  will have to change the approach to features

1 i will feature 10 at a time, with each being followed up by  what i liked about the artist's work

and 2

i will pause  on the next suggestions journal till i  get the suggestions from this one  out of the way :)

but as i plan on this ti be a somewhat long term thing, have no fears  we will be doing this quite often :)
idea time!

every month i will open a suggestions thread for artists you think are good and should  get more attention but really  dont get the views ...and trust me, i have seen artists whose skills i can only envy having far less views ....faaaaaarrr less than me

even though they are actually superior to me in many aspects.

so this is the idea.
every month i will post a suggestions for a feature  journal

you post suggestions of artists you think should be featured
generally we are looking for people under 500k views  but it is not a rule

from the suggestions i will choose 5  most suggested  and feature them for a week.

we will be doing this every month 

in this we all win.. as i too will find more people to follow XD

so roll out the suggestions!
this gonna get good!

ps NOT limited to comic artists! 

pps....well f%&k! this escalated quickly XD

might have to rethink the amount of people  featured per journal.... maybe 10, cant overdo it as i am planning to actually write what i find good about their work
aaand finally the official image comics july solicits are out and alongside many great comics... my li'l pile of  undead necromantic fun!…

so if you wanted to get it, there it is, coming out in july, and i will keep you updated and well teased with upcoming issues material as by the time issue 1 hits...i'll be finishing issue 4 XD


and for those anxious about ravine issue 2 ron is wrapping ut his rewrite of  it all finally and i am hoping that in a few days my next journall will be... F&/KYEAH WE SENT IT TO THE DAMN PRINT!

so stay tuned for that XD

okay, so a slew of questions that i am pummelled with  made me do this.

so here we go.


i am stjepan sejic, a comic and videogame artist designer 3d modeller illustrator, and a comic writer.

yeah... i have a few hobbies XD

in my career i have drawn the following comics

arcana comics
kade sun of perdition, my first comic book outing

top cow
darkness levels  1 issue
first born event  3 issues
witchblade.. 30 +issues
broken trinity 3 issues
angelus 6 issues angelus pilot season 1 issue
first born aftermath 1 issue
artifacts about 15ish issues
aphrodite 9 8 issues and going!
and a crapton of covers

dynamite entertainment , a crapton of covers

zenescope entertainment a crapton of covers

marvel a bunch of covers

comics i draw and write

ravine- epic fantasy 1 issue out, 2 about to be published…

teen witchblade, adventure/comedy  being finished, and issue 1 will be posted here in it's entirety  before and of march before top cow handles the kickstarter…

death vigil, adventure issue 1 will be finished  in february, i will announce publishing very very soon…

sunstone, erotic romantic comedy currently in pre print stages and available for reading (at your own  risk) on my alternate account shiniez

from videogame work i usually just do stuff with a local based croteam helping them out with designing and modelling for serious same first person shooter games from which i did work on
serious sam hd , and serious sam 3


18 years of drawing 8 hours a day every day.

simple ,. huh?

in short i was not born this way, if anything i learned to draw out of spite XD
true story, i had a frient in high school who was skillwise generations above me, it wasn't even funny. being a competitive easily challenged lil dumbass i started trying to draw like him. i was doing nicely, advancing and all that...

till my teacher went.. you are improving stjepan, but you will never be as good as your friend is...


we proved him wrong haven't we...yess we did preciousss.... and with no permanent damage  to our sanity, right stjepan?
you said it stjepan!

anyhoo you can see me doing some of my stuff here…


ahem... yeah.. thing is.. i am self taught... and my methods are weird. i tried explaining most of them in my video tutorials... with allergies DEAL WITH IT!

but really the problem is, i was never taught this stuff,  so i lack the method of teaching. for a while now i have been planning out and outlining the structure for a series of relatively short  videotutorials, so they will be coming   this year.  how useful they will be remains to be seen

detailed explanation here with an update…

 after all this ron marz who helps me out with the final rewrite on the book lost his mom this year so that  ended up delaying it more but it is about to go to printer in a few days so i will happily announce that  when it does

ARE :iconnebezial:AND :iconshiniez: THE SAME PERSON?
very much so! as the  deviant id blatantly points out XD


certainly not out of any embarrassment XD it just amused me...

at first i was merely curious to see how fast would the account's popularity rise without any help of my main account

but then... it got funny

 i had people making alternate accounts to follow shiniez , and then from those accounts telling me that if we were the same person i should just say it...

irony was too good not to troll XD

and then the game of avoiding flat out denial begun XD

it had one rule. be ambiguous

answer the questions  usually like this,
Q: are you and shiniez related in some way?
A: oh yes i taught him EVERYTHING he knows....(true)


Q: are you shiniez?
A: it would be a little crazy if  i was able to do all of this work, the monthly comics, the covers the fanarts the joke pieces the  videogame work ... and be shiniez at the same time, wouldn't it?  (again..true... i am a little crazy XD)

a few people in the notes figured out that these were actually non-answers so they actually demanded a yes or  no answer XD

to which they got an immediate yes with an explanation of the game, and we had us a good chuckle
but after a while the damn shiniez account exploded beyond anyone's wildest expectations

cause my name actually means stephen  in english! by nebezial


it is an old cliche of saying i can't teach you this, you must learn this....

in this case it is true.  while i will be providing more tutorials drawing is a matter of practice.
it is a matter of breaking down wall after wall only to be facing another wall

i will paste here some replies i have given on this topic

as for learning to draw we all pretty much start the same way. we take stuff and copy, we adopt measurements and  understand things through repetition. you are training both the arm and the mind yknow

as arm becomes  a finely tuned tool so does a mind become an organized collection of specific knowledges, rules measurements and structures. and the more you do it the deeper the understanding becomes.

unfortunately the major discouraging element is the nature of learning itself.

it is the wall to wall progress that often defeats people and makes them either give up or settle.

by wall to wall i mean, you learn something but for the life of you you don't see any progress beyond that. and you are beating against that wall chipping away at it's stone... never knowing just how close to a breakthrough you are.

that is perhaps the most frustrating aspect of it all, but over time i have learned to take solace that every punch thrown at any of those walls  chips away some of that obstacle.

brain is an amazing machine. once things start linking up you are not learning merely linear, you are learning exponentially  radial. by that i mean while you are focused on learning one thing you are also learning 20 other things  without even focusing on it.

learning to draw means prioritizing certain informations in your mind.  these are then connected together  into a rudimentary machine of drawing so to say.

now, as you learn more you are upgrading the machine, but upgrades are affecting every aspect of the machine.

imagine it like this. you learn drawing a face and you connect this  new folder of facedrawing knowledge to your main drawing network.

link is there but it is basic.

then you practice,  and you strenghten that link, but in order to truly make that facedrawing  folder permanent, you start crosslinking it with other folders such as expressions, volumes, skin tones, subsurface scattering, each knowledge exponentially increasing the initial facedrawing folder of knowledge.

this is why  high level  drawing seems like magic, but ask anyone and they will tell you the story of that sudden flow of insight  past which breaking down the advancing walls becomes a second nature to an artist.  we know that any progress is ultimately a matter of  work

lots...and lots  of work

there was a time   when if i was to see what i can do now i would consider it absolutely impossible, flipped the table said fuck this shit and left...

i know better now XD

but yeah.. i will try to make some tutorials that will hopefully help

this is all i can think of for now, if i remember more stuff i should write, i will update this thing :)
Painting Creature Fur by NateHallinanArt

i felt like doing this because not only  does this fella do great work...

but works smart, using  the resources  within the program

remember kids! very often when people tell you not to use specific merely means THEY haven't found the ways to use them  :)