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So i've been sitting here thinking...

we live in the age of kickstarter and patreon....

people are supporting all sorts of projects...


i don't have the patience not the focus to handle all that... but it did get me thinking...

if teasers for projects can get people to fund it... what aout the full thing?

i don't do crowdfunding. i make comics.
i publish comics. if people love and buy my comics... i get to make more comics.

so with that in mind. i will post the entirety of death vigil here. 

from there on it's in the hands of the readers. if you want to support the book being made, i will post the comixology links, and image digital links, as well as trade preorder links.

so if you feel this is your kind of comic, and it's something you want to see made in it'y entirety..and can afford to support it by buying it...thank you.

if not, i still hope you like it. so with no further a do... this week i will be uploading issues.

starting today with issue 3. enjoy :)

death vigil on comixology…

death vigil on image comics digital…

death vigil amazon…

also available for preorder on other versions of amazon and in online comic book stores 

death vigil issues
death vigil 1 full issue- cuz it's a good day :) by nebezial

death vigil 2 full issue happy new year! :) by nebezial

death vigil 3 by nebezial

death vigil 4 by nebezial
due to unforseen technological and health problems death vigil 7 has been late... as you may have noticed.
issue will be finished tomorrow
but that will mean about 30 more days till it hits the stores... i can't have that.
so tomorrow... i will put the future of my comic in your hands
i will post it online.
sales have been steadily dropping so ... i guess it can't get much worse. and i don't want my readers and fans who supported the book to
have to wait any more. book will be printed and published. and if you want to buy and support it still, i will appreciate it of course.
but i refuse to let everyone wait for 30 more days.

death vigil page 1 to 22 pdf by nebezial…

for those who like their comics digitally, apparently there is a sale of the stuff i drew, and stuff i wrote and drew

aaand now i'm all like:

Download by nebezial
okay so i keep getting questions on my current stuff , how and where to get them, so if you are one of the people who asked, this is my answer :) (Smile)

my comicwokrk currently consists of 3 basic branches of work

writing and art done by me

art done by me

and covers done by me

before we get to the books themselves i would like to offer bit of an insight for anyone interested in getting their own stuff out there.

i am not covering crowdfunding as i personally stay clear of it.

this is a bunch of experiences i had, and since i got through this and am now doing fine, i thought some might find them useful

now, as i work predominantly for independent companies, my work can be a bit hard to get.

reason for this is a simple one. comic book stores buy their supplies from diamond. the main distributor. 
they buy stuff they know will sell. comics aren't a huge profit business so they have to choose the winners on their own.

it is a harsh system but comic store owners have bills to pay as well. so don't take this as me harping on them in any way  :) 

it's more of  an explanation of how things work for those interested in getting into creator owned/indie market.

some stores will stock on indie stuff, most will stock on issue 1 and judge on people preordering issue 2 onward, whether or not they will keep ordering the book.

unfortunately this is how good books often die. customers don't really know this process. i certainly didn't. 

we enter a store pretty much expecting the store to hold the product that is relevant to their business and our interest. it is a given to us.

unfortunately this doesn't work with comics. preorders and pull lists are what makes or breaks an indie book, so if you plan on making and publishing a comic, keep this in mind. this nearly killed death vigil.

it is a vicious cycle.

it is a road to failure and here is how it goes

1 publish a book and people like it- you are in 7th heaven...

2 people don't know about preorders so they count on the store to keep ordering and they'll keep buying. this isn't so. store orders significantly less copies of volume 2 and 3 and publisher regulates the printrun accordingly

3 you start realizing that the initial profit melts away after issue 1 with alarming rate, and by issue 3 you find yourself struggling to keep your head above the water...

4 this is when you take on sidegigs to help finance the book you are passionate about. while you are trying to make ends meet, your book starts suffering delays...and the interest in it wanes

5 orders catastrophically drop with delays as readers more and more start trade waiting. ironically trade at that point might be a very optimistic idea...

6 misery and despair

many books vanished this way. my personal solution to this is-

1 inform people interested in your books about how this works
2 promote the good books.

way too much time i see spent on people discussing stuff they hated in books or stuff that offended them. 

way too rarely do we enthusiastically speak about the stuff we love. often we take the good entertainment for granted. hell just look at youtube. majority of successful channels and up being the ones shitting on the bad stuff. we thrive on cynicism nowadays.

it is the lifeblood of the internet.

also for a more detailed experience of creating indie comics  
i highly recommend…

jim zub is a veteran indie comic writer at image comics, currently writing skullkickers and wayward.

KEEP THIS IN MIND! DON'T BE DISCOURAGED! this is merely here to show you the pitfalls, now you can work on avoiding them. i was told a lot of this from other industry professionals so now i'm passing it forward
so good luck to all your dream projects becoming a reality :)

anyhow, my little rant aside, here are the books
and for european people who want to get my books there are online comic stores and physical ones. the one i cna presonally recommend is

they are professional, and get the job done and usually stock up on my works so, they are a good bet 
also, all the books stated below with amazon links you can find at archonia as well. 

so, let's get this started. i will provide suggestions and amazon links for some as people found those useful so far

1 writing and art done by me


,y series about a bunch of death knights fighting necromancers under the leadership of bernardette the reaper. it is a series based on character development, and comedy as well as dramatic and action

you can reed the first 2 issues of the first 8 issue arc here

death vigil 1 full issue- cuz it's a good day :) by nebezial
death vigil 2 full issue happy new year! :) by nebezial

for easy digital verions you can find 3 to 6 on comixology.

link here…

soon death vigil first trade will be out. over 200 pages of comic+ a lot of bonus content

death vigil volume 1 trade paperback cover by nebezial

amazon preorder  available here, and you can also  ask at your local comic book stores…

also for those curious, in may we are releasing a death vigil tshirt and a print , so if you're into that then there it is :) (Smile)

B-Dxu3BIEAEAwm9 by nebezial        death vigil 8 cover- to all things there is an end by nebezial


sunstone is my webcomic erotic romantic comedy  dealing with fetishism, relationships, sexuality...stuff like that.
online it is published under my :iconshiniez: account.

it is an adults only book as is the account :)

book 1 is the expanded and improved chapter 1 of the webcomic with additional bonus content and has been out for a few months now.

Download (5) by nebezial

book two will be out late april, early may depending on where it was preordered, or pull listed

Download (6) by nebezial

and as i know there are people who really like comixology format…

then there is 


my first  adventure in writing, and as suck starts off a bit clunky and heavyhanded, but as my writing improved , so did the flow of these books. 
so far only two have been published and due to it's catastrophic finantial failure, i will for now turn the series into a webcomic format first and publish as each chapter is finished.

it can hardly do worse than it did so far XD

my co writer on ravine is ron marz who has helped me tremendously to streamline the boook and offered wonderful ditorial consulting .

anyhoo, book 1 you can read for free here

ravine full issue1 enjoy :)-you have to download by nebezial

it's high fantasy stuff, dragons magic ansd so on. after april i will upload this and book 2 to my 3'rd account :iconwanderers-of-ravine: and there i will continue the story :) (Smile)

and then this fall, i will be starting off twitch, 
however for legal reasons series will be renamed to switch. 
anyhoo, it's a re imagining of the top cow universe. an out of continuity different take on top cows main franchises of witchblade darkness angelus and so on...

just a twitch compilation...nothing to see here! by nebezial


among the recent stuff there is

aphrodite 9 and generation 9

written by matt hawkins and drawn by me 

generation 9 issue 1, preview pages by nebezial

aphrodite9-  i hate ninjas! by nebezial

aphrodite9 issue 10 preview by nebezial

so far first two trades are out……

and comixology link…


written by kurtis wiebe, and currently drawn by me

first trade and the first three issues of the second one were drawn by roc upchurch, and there is a bonus story about a character braga drawn by tess fowler

first trade  link for those interested…

i recommend the book it is a fun story about four work for hire mercenary women causing a shitstorm of epic propotions in a fantasy setting

i stepped on as the artist with issue 9
some rat queens covers by nebezial
rat queens issue 9 first look by nebezial

comixology link for rat queens…

and recently i did some dc sidegigs , nothing really important, a fun short poison ivy story in secret origins 10, 2 pages in harley quinn  annual... 

i won't go into covers because i spam way too many of those to list XD

i think this covers it

so i officially have to make peace with the fact that death vigil will be late

family health issues derailed my schedule through december and january, and even with my best efforts, there is no escaping this

even though , luckily the health issues were for the most, resolved, my schedule was inevitably affected.

i refuse to allow my problems to affect the work for hire stuff i accepted to do so i will have to prioritize rat queens and generation 9

and ultimately push death vigil 7 and 8 for april

it is a painful decision but one i had to make

my sincere apologies for the delay. this delay was very much a case of life making a mockery out of my best laid plans...

so to all my fans and readers, my sincere apologies for the delay.

once the series comes back this summer as an ongoing it will be coming out on time

Death Vigil Volume 1 Trade Paperback Cover By Nebe by nebezial

a fun little strip from my friend  depicting our usual weekly runs on destiny XD

Icebreaker by Anodesu

i may or may not have been trolling  her for a while now XD she missed it in the weekly loottable from a vendor in game that sells exotic weapons XD

aaand i remingd her from time to time

to time

to time

to time get the idea XD…

i got pointed towards it and asked to share this...
looks damn good. give it a look ! :)

so...time to talk ravine

the book tanked...

and i mean the book tanked hard.

we are talking about 5000% losses on effort versus profit XD 

on book 2 i received profits that would usually pay for me making 5 pages of a comic. ravine was a 160 page book

so... where do i take it from here

do i quit?


the book is good. i have no doubts about that. book 2 is far better than book 1 and book 3 will surpass them both

but the facts are simple. the book never found an audience.

so i have made a decision

i will apply to ravine the same approach i have done  with sunstone

true, i never had any intention of publishing sunstone and it was the fans demand that made me make that decision. and you know what?

fans stepped up!

in fact the way things are going there is a good chance i will in late 2015 onward focus on sunstone very intensively. fans have more than earned it, and for that they have my most sincere gratitude :) 

and now, i am going to do the same with ravine.

ravine is turning into a webcomic first format

don't get me wrong i have no delusions of making any big money from this book but it is a labor of love... looots and looots of love XD

same quality, same style, just, starting in 2015, book 3 will be posted page by page online first and as each book is finished it will be subsequently published in printed format 

so there it is.

this is going to be my third deviantart account now XD it will take some time till i upload the first 2 books as i am reformatting them for an easier read :)


and please, don't think this is a bad thing.

i can't even describe to you the love that i have for the webcomic format.
it is a far more immediate  format that lets me interact with people more often and far easier

for some reason i noticed a lot of people had problems of getting this one.

well..actually, no, not for some reason , i know the reason. after stores stocked on issue 1 which many stores do just in case, and for speculators who buy issue 1s of anything just in case the series becomes big and the issues rise in value

and then people thought the stores would order issue 2 copies...

this is often not the case. for independent books, preorders and pull lists are pretty much the only guarantee to get those issues. ,…
1 mexico lamole convention was friggin amazing.

thank you all who visited, it was a blast and great seeing every one of you!

2 death vigil 5 is coming out tomorrow

death vigil5 cover- romeo and cthulhiet by nebezial

and...i worked through how i will be able to tell all three story arcs and the several bonus character stories so...


So  schedule of things to come from me is as follows

1 sunstone book 1 is coming out in december

2 death vigil first arc ends in february

3 january to may i will do the next arc of aphrodite 9 written by matt hawkins

4 february onwards i will be spamming out issue of teen witchblade to stockpile a lot of work ahead of time so that during summer i can have death vigil 2 start with some luck

5 alongside all of that i will be working on ravine book 3 which with its style will serve as a perfect pallet cleanser

6 and for those curious about sunstone my priority is to finish chapter 4 by the end of this year and then wrap up chapter 5 till may.

i think this covers everything for now, and now... off to  work! XD
so for anyone attending this convention next week, linda and i will be there sketching, signing, and if you are in the mood for it, talking your ears off XD

do not hesitate to visit us  :) (Smile)

unfortunately we were unable to get any prints made because croatia....

so for those of you who really want a print to sign, we'll post some printable pics you can have printed yourselves and  bring them for signings :) (Smile)
so yeah... now i'll spend my future watching of avengers age of ultron making reapers jokes

i mean even the damn voice!

The Avengers Age of Ultron 67851 by nebezial
i have exactly one serious bone in my body

and even that is broken!
short poison ivy/rogue slashfiction....

nooow kiiiss!


the end!
this is pretty much the perfect depiction of  how things work in my wife's and my own brain nowadays XD

Ravine - Bloodstain fanart by Fenrir--the-2nd
dunno, for those interested apparently there is a sale on image number 1 hits...…

so if you are curious there it is :)

also first review for ravine book 2 rolled in XD…

aand another one…

aaand back to work, ugh this is gonna be an insane month, as i have to send both death vigil 5 and sunstone book 1 to print...

well...i said it before and imma say it again, sleep is overrated XD
so...i woke up to a most unusual email today. my friend and writer on aphrodite9, matt hawkins asked me if i could give a shout out to this book, chronicles of hate as it was massively slipping under everyone's radar.

it was most unusual for him to ask that, and usually i am shit at even promoting my own stuff... if it wasn't for my fans and readers...whoo boy XD

so i stood baffled as to how do i even do this... and then i looked at the files he had sent me...

aaaand yeah...

f&/k it! i know exactly how to go about this!

if you want to have an ultimate tool of ever mastering  the art of painting values, whether you like comics or not, this is your friggin book!

not kidding! this dude, Adrian Smith, wipes the floor with my value skills and composition skills XD

brilliant designworks, graphic novel is not of the wordy variety as he allows the  art to tell the story, and  genres and stories being very personal taste based i can't tell you whether or not it will be your cup of tea. it definitely has the vibe of lim hensons dark crystal to me , and that is a great thing to me

but, personal preferences in stories aside, if for nothing else, you want this book if you want to have a masterful  source of inspiration on how to improve your values in painting!

i mean, look at this stuff!!!

Hatepg78-79 Social by nebezial

Hatepg78 Social by nebezial

Hatepg77 Social by nebezial

and more of a preview here…

this is what labor of true love looks like and i would hate to see this effort go unrewarded
and believe me the previewed pages are far from the best stuff in the book.

it can be ordered in comic book stores i think, and it is available on amazon, so... well here you go.

i'm off to study the damn book XD
october 8th.... iiiis gonna be a fun day XD
turns out both death vigil 4 and ravine book 2 come out at the same day XD

death vigil issue 4 cover by nebezial

ravine book 2-october first :) by nebezial