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so i officially have to make peace with the fact that death vigil will be late

family health issues derailed my schedule through december and january, and even with my best efforts, there is no escaping this

even though , luckily the health issues were for the most, resolved, my schedule was inevitably affected.

i refuse to allow my problems to affect the work for hire stuff i accepted to do so i will have to prioritize rat queens and generation 9

and ultimately push death vigil 7 and 8 for april

it is a painful decision but one i had to make

my sincere apologies for the delay. this delay was very much a case of life making a mockery out of my best laid plans...

so to all my fans and readers, my sincere apologies for the delay.

once the series comes back this summer as an ongoing it will be coming out on time

Death Vigil Volume 1 Trade Paperback Cover By Nebe by nebezial

a fun little strip from my friend  depicting our usual weekly runs on destiny XD

Icebreaker by Anodesu

i may or may not have been trolling  her for a while now XD she missed it in the weekly loottable from a vendor in game that sells exotic weapons XD

aaand i remingd her from time to time

to time

to time

to time get the idea XD…

i got pointed towards it and asked to share this...
looks damn good. give it a look ! :)

so...time to talk ravine

the book tanked...

and i mean the book tanked hard.

we are talking about 5000% losses on effort versus profit XD 

on book 2 i received profits that would usually pay for me making 5 pages of a comic. ravine was a 160 page book

so... where do i take it from here

do i quit?


the book is good. i have no doubts about that. book 2 is far better than book 1 and book 3 will surpass them both

but the facts are simple. the book never found an audience.

so i have made a decision

i will apply to ravine the same approach i have done  with sunstone

true, i never had any intention of publishing sunstone and it was the fans demand that made me make that decision. and you know what?

fans stepped up!

in fact the way things are going there is a good chance i will in late 2015 onward focus on sunstone very intensively. fans have more than earned it, and for that they have my most sincere gratitude :) 

and now, i am going to do the same with ravine.

ravine is turning into a webcomic first format

don't get me wrong i have no delusions of making any big money from this book but it is a labor of love... looots and looots of love XD

same quality, same style, just, starting in 2015, book 3 will be posted page by page online first and as each book is finished it will be subsequently published in printed format 

so there it is.

this is going to be my third deviantart account now XD it will take some time till i upload the first 2 books as i am reformatting them for an easier read :)


and please, don't think this is a bad thing.

i can't even describe to you the love that i have for the webcomic format.
it is a far more immediate  format that lets me interact with people more often and far easier

for some reason i noticed a lot of people had problems of getting this one.

well..actually, no, not for some reason , i know the reason. after stores stocked on issue 1 which many stores do just in case, and for speculators who buy issue 1s of anything just in case the series becomes big and the issues rise in value

and then people thought the stores would order issue 2 copies...

this is often not the case. for independent books, preorders and pull lists are pretty much the only guarantee to get those issues. ,…
1 mexico lamole convention was friggin amazing.

thank you all who visited, it was a blast and great seeing every one of you!

2 death vigil 5 is coming out tomorrow

death vigil5 cover- romeo and cthulhiet by nebezial

and...i worked through how i will be able to tell all three story arcs and the several bonus character stories so...


So  schedule of things to come from me is as follows

1 sunstone book 1 is coming out in december

2 death vigil first arc ends in february

3 january to may i will do the next arc of aphrodite 9 written by matt hawkins

4 february onwards i will be spamming out issue of teen witchblade to stockpile a lot of work ahead of time so that during summer i can have death vigil 2 start with some luck

5 alongside all of that i will be working on ravine book 3 which with its style will serve as a perfect pallet cleanser

6 and for those curious about sunstone my priority is to finish chapter 4 by the end of this year and then wrap up chapter 5 till may.

i think this covers everything for now, and now... off to  work! XD
so for anyone attending this convention next week, linda and i will be there sketching, signing, and if you are in the mood for it, talking your ears off XD

do not hesitate to visit us  :) (Smile)

unfortunately we were unable to get any prints made because croatia....

so for those of you who really want a print to sign, we'll post some printable pics you can have printed yourselves and  bring them for signings :) (Smile)
so yeah... now i'll spend my future watching of avengers age of ultron making reapers jokes

i mean even the damn voice!

The Avengers Age of Ultron 67851 by nebezial
i have exactly one serious bone in my body

and even that is broken!
short poison ivy/rogue slashfiction....

nooow kiiiss!


the end!
this is pretty much the perfect depiction of  how things work in my wife's and my own brain nowadays XD

Ravine - Bloodstain fanart by Fenrir--the-2nd
dunno, for those interested apparently there is a sale on image number 1 hits...…

so if you are curious there it is :)

also first review for ravine book 2 rolled in XD…

aand another one…

aaand back to work, ugh this is gonna be an insane month, as i have to send both death vigil 5 and sunstone book 1 to print...

well...i said it before and imma say it again, sleep is overrated XD
so...i woke up to a most unusual email today. my friend and writer on aphrodite9, matt hawkins asked me if i could give a shout out to this book, chronicles of hate as it was massively slipping under everyone's radar.

it was most unusual for him to ask that, and usually i am shit at even promoting my own stuff... if it wasn't for my fans and readers...whoo boy XD

so i stood baffled as to how do i even do this... and then i looked at the files he had sent me...

aaaand yeah...

f&/k it! i know exactly how to go about this!

if you want to have an ultimate tool of ever mastering  the art of painting values, whether you like comics or not, this is your friggin book!

not kidding! this dude, Adrian Smith, wipes the floor with my value skills and composition skills XD

brilliant designworks, graphic novel is not of the wordy variety as he allows the  art to tell the story, and  genres and stories being very personal taste based i can't tell you whether or not it will be your cup of tea. it definitely has the vibe of lim hensons dark crystal to me , and that is a great thing to me

but, personal preferences in stories aside, if for nothing else, you want this book if you want to have a masterful  source of inspiration on how to improve your values in painting!

i mean, look at this stuff!!!

Hatepg78-79 Social by nebezial

Hatepg78 Social by nebezial

Hatepg77 Social by nebezial

and more of a preview here…

this is what labor of true love looks like and i would hate to see this effort go unrewarded
and believe me the previewed pages are far from the best stuff in the book.

it can be ordered in comic book stores i think, and it is available on amazon, so... well here you go.

i'm off to study the damn book XD
october 8th.... iiiis gonna be a fun day XD
turns out both death vigil 4 and ravine book 2 come out at the same day XD

death vigil issue 4 cover by nebezial

ravine book 2-october first :) by nebezial…

this is gonna be a news loaded week.... 
with death vigil 6 and sunstone 1 just announced for december...i got to GET BUSY!!!…
aaand here we go again XD………………………………
will be updating the list XD

on a related note... after i send issue 4 to print , i'll make some nice wallpapers and stuff...

aand back to work... HUZZAH!

dafuq is it with me and huzzah....really? i never used to say that. o_O

also... another video... finishing up issue 4
aaas you can see i am working on issue 4 XD
behold my weirdass method!

i sometimes do this daily spitpaint group challenge on facebook

you get a theme and got 30 minutes to paint it
videos aren't necessary but i like making them so...
here is the 30 minute skeleton lord XD

i actually do recommend exercises like these for any would be professional, they help you adjust and balance the speed and quality aspects of your workflow. you won't always get the best results but you will start thinking in new ways while painting

so give it a try if you want to :)

and yeah...i still havent resolved the microphone issue :/