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what ever you celebrate may it be happy and merry for you any your families and friends!

for me... my new years decision that i might actually try   to uphold is to further work on killing my remaining cynicism.

i have been fighting hard to destroy it and  hopefully it will die in 2014 XD
cynicism is an attitude that sees only problems and gives no solutions. it is a poison that spreads fast and has a way of ruining  the days of many people....

i can feel that shit creeping up within me way too often and  i will not stand for it! XD

anyhoo.. back to  work for me cya!
so  here are my superspoilery opinions of these movies ---

just opinions, there is no more validity to them than   to anyone elses :)

so, let's start with frozen....

i made a huge mistake before frozen...huuugeeee mistake.
i listened to that let it go song....

now, what follows is an example how one small thing  can snowball into a huge friggin thing... see what i did there ? snowball?
so i listened to that song.. and it sounded  glorious... but it also sounded like an anthem to coming out of the closet.... i mean, i deal with subtext a lot. and even i have seen people see more in my own writing than i intended. rarely but it happened.  so subtext is hardly a new thing ...

we are talking about a song that says

don't let them know don't let them see , be the good girl you always have to be
conceal don't feel don't let them  know... well now they know...

and  this is just some of it... there is  this vibe of a sexual liberation in the song if looked at it from a certain angle yknow.

and yes, i know, i am probably just seeing something that isn't really there...
i thought the same...

then i saw the movie.

again as i said.. spoilers and opinions here

i cant help feeling that this was what happened AND YES I AM PROBABLY COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY WRONG!

writers came in with an idea , let's make a first gay princess.... disney execs froze.. did it again...
and went.. no,. make them sisters and just go wild on the subtext..
i think they were initially written in as friends or something....

because once you get that viewpoint in your head.. holy crap do you start seeing it XD
anna's song about  finding the one has her enacting paintings that show her what she should be doing to the point that she mimicks them .. this is the normal relationship you should be looking for.

anna and elsas coronation conversation has all the tension of a couple that broke up and realizes it was a mistake.
anna's rushed marriage idea comes after being once again hurt by elsa, so in a way she works to make her jealous... mission accomplished.

elsa running away sings the let it go song .. which is just..  oh my... google it if you are curious  XD

kristoff is the most tacked on male protagonist i have ever seen. you could cut him out of the friggin movie and not even notice it.. hell, snowman is more crucial to the plot XD. he just feels like a cop out. since we cant have the girls together, make the most  tacked on male love interest XD

elsa hitting ana in the heart, lashing out and hurting her, constantly running away from her own feelings...

and the ending.... oh the ending... where the act of true love is between elsa and anna...

AGAIN, CALM DOWN! XD if you didn't see it like this,  it doesn't make me in any way right.

personally i blame that damn gorgeous song.... it put a friggin seed of  stupidity in my head and i watched the movie with this weird what if thought... and when you look for things .. you will probably find them. just ask any conspiracy theorist XD

but , i absolutely loved the movie, well except for kristoff, nice character but felt tacked on even if i wasn't seeing things in a slightly skewed way XD

aaand hobbit...

ooh hobbit...

friggin hobbit....

 i was asked do i think it a good movie or a bad movie? my answer is, it is a great movie that felt it was short so it ate a bad movie... so it certainly got longer... so there is that.

again.. spoilers
i liked the first hour  of the movie aaalot.  tho as i will repeat over and over again... i had issues with the padding when it cost us some genuinely fun and clever stuff like conversation with beorn.

but i guess that would leave less time for legolas....okaay so i may be a tad bit ticked off by all the legolas

anyhoo, movie was good. but then it took a legolas in the knee...

coincidentally , my wife and i were rolling in laughter when kili  took an arrow in the knee... we were nerding out like crazy XD

honestly my biggest gripe with legolas was not him  putting dante from devil may cry to shame as he took on  a squad of orcs and came out unscratched the first time.



now, dont get me wrong.. i was nerdgasming about smaug... who was a wyvern not a dragon in this one...
loved everything about him, his conversation with bilbo was a thing of glory...

but then  the climax happened...
and we were  jumping from  dwarvers and smaug reenacting their favorite scooby doo episodes ( thanks  to my wife to giving this vague annoyance a definition)  and legolas flat out cleaning the city of orcs...

and it felt dragged out, and it felt beyond unnecessarily padded.

again, let me reiterate. it was a good movie.. it failed to be a great one  in my opinion.

keep in mind i am in no way a person in whose taste you should be trusting in any way. i am perfectly capable of turning off my brain and just enjoy silliness...
so if you disagree  , i'm sure  you have good reasons.

in a way, this being the internet and all we aint gonna be changing each others minds here

would i recommend these 2 movies. oh yes. liked them both a lot :)
today you will get to see me draw something you probably wouldn't expect....

anything for a dumb joke!

so i just got another one of those, and i dont mind them. a bit of deviantart silliness....

however.. i do believe a new trend needs to start XD

you have been punched in the face chain message XD
send this punch in the face to 12 others or the kitten gets it! XD

yeah.. my brain is in a stupid place right now XD
my friend ron marz  does these  charity things every year  and gets comic artists and writers and sculptors to donate artworks  to be auctioned off   for  poor kids to get some toys

anyhoo these are the pieces i donated
my bic is mighty! by nebezial

superman and by nebezial only thanos from this one

here are the ebay auction links for those interested……

there are quite a few more pieces from other artists there, so have a looksee :)
that is all!
so i will be opening about 10 comission slots for facts convention pickups in belgium, and mailing in europe. 
rest of the world is possible too, but europe is a priority because of the belgium convention :)

prices are as follows-200 euro for a characer+background

250 2characters+background

280 3 characters+background

100 bust 11x17 inch standard comic format
50 bust a4 format

130 full body no background

all are standard comic page 11x17 inch format

technique is your choice. inks+ballpoint pen, or copics

drop me a note if interested :)

some samples of those

sdcc comission jean grey+attuma by nebezial

emma frost+phoenix sdcc comission by nebezial

heya puddin!- in copics by nebezial this one is an a4 bust example

faora sdcc comish by nebezial

yaay ballpoint pens are in! by nebezial

sdcc comission, lord zedd and queen kimberly by nebezial

my bic is mighty! by nebezial

OH HO HOOOO... sdcc commission by nebezial

angela sdcc comission by nebezial

and i have some things i plan on covering  pretty clearly defined.

brushes, light modes, filters  and some painting stuff like values contrasts basic stuff through some examples+some tips and tricks

however it struck me... might as well ask what you would like to see covered. as it hit me that i might be taking some technical sides to my process too much for granted and miss opportunities to make things clearer
i heard many people tell me that they want to make comics, they want to write them they want to draw them... but when i ask them why they don't have samples ready,  it is always a barrage of excuses.

so this year, on san diego comic con i met a guy that just in one simple swoop destroyed my patience for excuses.
meet Larime Taylor

you go here, you see this video... and you ask yourselves, do you want it hard enough.

this man is a storyteller at heart. his cmic is an intense  one, really cool and i recommend it it is available for preorder, a voice in the dark. it is out in november.  i don't usually promote  stuf, rarely even my own, but i want to promote this because this man deserves it!

so stop looking for excuses, stop trying to find reasons why it cant be done, start working on ways to get it done.
you have one life... if you want to be a storyteller , be it! be a writer , be an artist, be what you always wanted to be.

dont give up. you will hit those walls, they will be frustrating. but take it from me, i was self taught, and all you truly need is  perseverance and discipline, and if you dont take it from me, take it from Larime!
for those interested about my workflows i got m a bunch of videos there.

4 of them are tutorial videos , youwill have to excuse my allergy induced itch that resulted in me trying to scratch my troat.... which my microphone then decided to pick up and multiply to  what sounds like me  and my pet chiuaua trying to compete for the tutorial....i do not wons a pet chiuaua... i have a cat... he is a spoiled douche....

but that's a whole nother story


enjoy all you who haven't seen these yet as next month i will post a few shorter, more focused video tuts, some on photoshop techniques, some on general crap i figured out over time. till then

apparently einstein defines madness as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

i call that practice....

so in short , if you wanna get good...

you gotta go a little bit crazy XD


(i cant believe that this has to be said but... this is a fun little joke from the same guy that brought you the sheer brilliance of dildo baggins, don't take me too seriously, god knows i don't XD)
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should ave been august, but some unexpected problems  popped out ...i hate unexpected problems....

cause..yknow..expected ones are just friggin awesome XD

anyhoo issue 1 will be reprinted too and available.

about the books themselves. each issue is a 160 page graphic novel. of that book 1 is 120 pages of comic, and 40 pages of bonus world material. sort of an encyclopaedic, not necessary, but  tasty fluff,
book 2 is 135 pages of comic and 25 pages of fluffy  side stuff

series itself will consist of 12 books. so by is end it will be about 1500 pages of one single fantasy tale
early previews for boo 2 are here, and soon the ones with final text and  lettering will be shown, online so i will link those when they are up
ravine issue 2 pages 1,2 and 3 by nebezial
ravine issue 2 page 4,5,6,7 by nebezial
ravine issue 2 pages 8,9,10,11,12 by nebezial
ravine issue 2 pages 13 to 18 by nebezial
ravine issue 2 pages 19 to 24 by nebezial
ravine issue 2 pages 25 to 30 by nebezial

books are available for preorder through amazon , and pretty much any comic book store or top cow. price per 160 page book is 15 usd.

and that is about it, let me know how you liked the 2 issues if and when you have read them both :) i'll try to answer any not earthshatteringly spoilery questions you may have XD
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aaand i'll be all out of fuckyeahs for a few days.... movie drained my supplies XD
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just a warning as there seems to be a massive wave of account hacking going on with links in them spamming everywhere. sure, most know that this is scam spam  but some forget
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yes... a fucking elephant painted an elephant!

dafuq did you paint today?????

get to painting! XD
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so i'll probably take on about ten commissions before san diego. maybe more if time permits it tho not guaranteed. i will be doing it either in shaded pencil as i have rekindled my love towards it, or ballpoint pen, which is one of my favorite tools. prices will range from 70 bucks for a bust piece to 100 full body to 200 with full bg, to multiple characters which is negotiable. this is pretty much for people who can either come to pick them up on sand diego comic con or during my signing and sketching in los angeles

all of dourse on a3 boards. in croatia it is the closest thing we got to 11by 17 comic board. XD

anyhow, see you in san diego , well those of you who plan on coming. i will also be doing signings and sketchings in comic stores in los angeles. schedule of that to come soon

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alongside that , there will be issue 4 of Aphrodite 9. on that one i only do the art :) writing there is done by Matt Hawkins
aaand back to work, cyall, things to draw  things to write...HUZZAH!
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okay, time for another journal

so i keep getting the same questions over and over again. how did i learn to do this.

i was self taught. by this i mean, i took the initiative and seeked out the knowledge, as no one was offering it.

i draw on average 8 to 10 hours a day, every day. by average i mean that some days its 6 and some 12

so... the argument.
i keep hearing this one. well i want to be a professional artist, but life is hard, i need to work, i don't really have the time....

let me put things in perspective here.
i used to work as a night guard on the beach. every single night from 8 pm to s6 am. after that i would go meet up with my dad who gouarded another beach to get a cup of coffee. we had a bite to eat, and then both went to haul and sell fruits and vegetables.
every evening i was drawing. when the sun set i sat under a street lamp and drew through the night.

every night. this was on occasion interrupted by a fight  with some  exceedingly drunk people who wouldn't take verbal persuasion not to throw beach property in the sea.

i drew, i drew constantly and relentlessly.

seven years of drawing got me to the point where i was hireable. it was then that i started getting paid for my work. for doing a job i wanted to do.

i kept working hard and i kept improving, and i will keep on doing the same.

it is like an rpg, you will grind, but you will unlock those new skills.

now listen, there is nothing wrong about treating this as a hobby, it is a wonderful satisfying hobby to have. but if you want to be a professional, be it a comic artist a game artist a n animator a designer... you will have to put in the time, you will have to pay your dues.

life is a bitch, it will do you no favors. all you can get out of it is what you are willing to fight for. it is a hard battle, but it is worth it.

see, at a certain point it truly is about this. what is it that you want to do in life, do you want to spend your life being slowly killed on the inside  by the job you hate while dreaming of your could haves, or will you fight for your dreams.

let me repeat this cause it bear repeating. it is a bloody fight, but the rewards are beyond amazing.

rest is up to you. seek the knowledge. in this thing you need no colleges, you need ambition, and thirst for knowledge. and knowledge my friends, at least in our line of work is a mere google search away, see in this work they dont ask you where you were schooled, they only ask what can you do, and how fast can you do it.

if your answers to that are, everything, and as fast as you need it....  you will get hired,

and if anyone asks where is art in all this very jobcentric rant of mine.....

art is living in its parents basement talking much about how big he or she will be.

this is about professionals!
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so as many of you have noticed first one is which i am dealing with a badass case of  pollen allergy. for the curious ones, the sound i keep making that sounds like i ate a chiuaua whole is me trying to scratch the back of my throat... and ears..and eyes..and brain at the same time...

aaaanyways,  im trying to figure out the themes for the next ones, to kinda give them structure, definitely on my list is reflectivity, details, and techniques  and crap like that

then ill definitely have one on some digital inking tricks

prolly gonna do some zbrush ones too, but dont expect to learn that much from me without actually trying shit out on your own too.

and again to remind you all, these are nothing but techniques. if you want to learn how to actually draw... then..draw. if you fail...draw more, if you are the best ever..draw more.... im just here to show you some tips n tricks XD

i mean sure, you might end up pickin up on some stuff from me. but there is no substitution to practice
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ill be there  giving out sketches like oprah gives out cars XD
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