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Submitted on
December 15, 2013


54 (who?)
so  here are my superspoilery opinions of these movies ---

just opinions, there is no more validity to them than   to anyone elses :)

so, let's start with frozen....

i made a huge mistake before frozen...huuugeeee mistake.
i listened to that let it go song....

now, what follows is an example how one small thing  can snowball into a huge friggin thing... see what i did there ? snowball?
so i listened to that song.. and it sounded  glorious... but it also sounded like an anthem to coming out of the closet.... i mean, i deal with subtext a lot. and even i have seen people see more in my own writing than i intended. rarely but it happened.  so subtext is hardly a new thing ...

we are talking about a song that says

don't let them know don't let them see , be the good girl you always have to be
conceal don't feel don't let them  know... well now they know...

and  this is just some of it... there is  this vibe of a sexual liberation in the song if looked at it from a certain angle yknow.

and yes, i know, i am probably just seeing something that isn't really there...
i thought the same...

then i saw the movie.

again as i said.. spoilers and opinions here

i cant help feeling that this was what happened AND YES I AM PROBABLY COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY WRONG!

writers came in with an idea , let's make a first gay princess.... disney execs froze.. did it again...
and went.. no,. make them sisters and just go wild on the subtext..
i think they were initially written in as friends or something....

because once you get that viewpoint in your head.. holy crap do you start seeing it XD
anna's song about  finding the one has her enacting paintings that show her what she should be doing to the point that she mimicks them .. this is the normal relationship you should be looking for.

anna and elsas coronation conversation has all the tension of a couple that broke up and realizes it was a mistake.
anna's rushed marriage idea comes after being once again hurt by elsa, so in a way she works to make her jealous... mission accomplished.

elsa running away sings the let it go song .. which is just..  oh my... google it if you are curious  XD

kristoff is the most tacked on male protagonist i have ever seen. you could cut him out of the friggin movie and not even notice it.. hell, snowman is more crucial to the plot XD. he just feels like a cop out. since we cant have the girls together, make the most  tacked on male love interest XD

elsa hitting ana in the heart, lashing out and hurting her, constantly running away from her own feelings...

and the ending.... oh the ending... where the act of true love is between elsa and anna...

AGAIN, CALM DOWN! XD if you didn't see it like this,  it doesn't make me in any way right.

personally i blame that damn gorgeous song.... it put a friggin seed of  stupidity in my head and i watched the movie with this weird what if thought... and when you look for things .. you will probably find them. just ask any conspiracy theorist XD

but , i absolutely loved the movie, well except for kristoff, nice character but felt tacked on even if i wasn't seeing things in a slightly skewed way XD

aaand hobbit...

ooh hobbit...

friggin hobbit....

 i was asked do i think it a good movie or a bad movie? my answer is, it is a great movie that felt it was short so it ate a bad movie... so it certainly got longer... so there is that.

again.. spoilers
i liked the first hour  of the movie aaalot.  tho as i will repeat over and over again... i had issues with the padding when it cost us some genuinely fun and clever stuff like conversation with beorn.

but i guess that would leave less time for legolas....okaay so i may be a tad bit ticked off by all the legolas

anyhoo, movie was good. but then it took a legolas in the knee...

coincidentally , my wife and i were rolling in laughter when kili  took an arrow in the knee... we were nerding out like crazy XD

honestly my biggest gripe with legolas was not him  putting dante from devil may cry to shame as he took on  a squad of orcs and came out unscratched the first time.



now, dont get me wrong.. i was nerdgasming about smaug... who was a wyvern not a dragon in this one...
loved everything about him, his conversation with bilbo was a thing of glory...

but then  the climax happened...
and we were  jumping from  dwarvers and smaug reenacting their favorite scooby doo episodes ( thanks  to my wife to giving this vague annoyance a definition)  and legolas flat out cleaning the city of orcs...

and it felt dragged out, and it felt beyond unnecessarily padded.

again, let me reiterate. it was a good movie.. it failed to be a great one  in my opinion.

keep in mind i am in no way a person in whose taste you should be trusting in any way. i am perfectly capable of turning off my brain and just enjoy silliness...
so if you disagree  , i'm sure  you have good reasons.

in a way, this being the internet and all we aint gonna be changing each others minds here

would i recommend these 2 movies. oh yes. liked them both a lot :)
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poiuytrewq232 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Let it go did make me think it could fit as a coming out song but I never got a gay subtext between Anna and Elsa. I dug Kristof but not as a romance, as for Hans, well he just seemed like a forced bad guy. And yes Smaug was a wyvern.
Samael391 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I agree with most of what you said with Frozen, and actually wanted to see it after reading this, but as a writer myself I don't get the tacked on feeling from Kristoph, I get it from Hans. Kristoph is a well rounded, dynamic character that evolves as the story goes on, almost like he was the one Ana was initially supposed to try and get with, but Hans seems like he shows up, he's a nice guy, doesn't do much other than show he's a nice guy, saves Elsa from a cross bow, and oh! He's bad. He was bad from the start. Saving Elsa? Nah, just ignore that, he's trying to kill her.
It just feels to me like the movie wasn't supposed to have a major antagonist, just a red herring for love, and for that Kristoph works wonders for.
Q99 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014
kristoff is the most tacked on male protagonist i have ever seen. you could cut him out of the friggin movie and not even notice it.. hell, snowman is more crucial to the plot XD. he just feels like a cop out. since we cant have the girls together, make the most  tacked on male love interest XD-

I think he's vital to provide the fake at the end. After guy 1 isn't the solution, it must be guy 2!

And yes, I totally saw the subtext too.
skerrigansc Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2014
I just saw Frozen today. I have been putting off reading this journal (I had it bookmarked xD) because I've been staying away from spoilers, so I got around reading it just now. I didn't see anything like that in the movie and I wouldn't have even thought of something like that if you hadn't suggested it xD I have a sister and I what I saw in the movie was nothing I wouldn't expect to happen between two sisters. I noticed the guys didn't play a major role in the movie, but I just thought they finally decided to let the girls save the day without male help for once xD Now, I don't know what the authors had in their mind (or subconscious) when they made the movie xD But I didn't catch any of what you did xD
Lionheartssj Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ok, I finally watched the new Hobbit so I feel I can read and comment now, haha.

I pretty much agree with all of your points.  Especially the Scooby Doo analogy, very good.  I do wish Bejorns conversation wasn't so rooted in filler material too.

I'm actually pretty concerned with the next movie.  The way Jackson's padded it, I think he may have too many resolutions happening next movie and I'm afraid it's going to turn out very rushed. 

In the next movie we need to address:
-Bard vs Smaug
-Galadriel razing Dol Guldur
-the entire Battle of The Five Armies set up and resolution
-the resolution with the Arkenstone

I fear all of this is going to be cut too short in order to fit a ~3hr run time.
bluelainx Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013
...Been thinking about this alternate Frozen since you wrote this entry a couple weeks ago.

I think you could illustrate that other Frozen quite beautifully =)
Lightsyde Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I read the book a long time ago and forgot most of the details by the time of watching hobbit. However my bro who's recently read the books said Legolas wasn't even supposed to be there.... XDDD he was a bit much for my suspense of disbelief, but I'm glad he was there XDDD

Anyhow I absolutely adored smaug!!! He was just... BBOOSSSS!!!!
sassy-gold-elf Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Interesting theory and it could be right. Sadly we'll probably never know, and despite what a glorious step it would be for humanity, the world will never be ready for a gay Disney princess. Which pretty much speaks for itself.

I feel the need to complain though because I was SO butthurt about the prince. Can't they just ever have a simple, straightforward nice guy? Not this "LOL let's add some half-assed evil bullshit in cause we don't have a real villain?" The switch was so painfully forced too I just. No. *sighs*
Also the trolls were too damn much. Without those flaws, it could have held up to Tangled.
theonlytoner Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2013
Yeh I felt the pacing of the hobbit was a bit weird. As much as I liked the lore on the shapechanger I really think he could have been cut out and not have affected the film in any way.

I adored Frozen, I saw it with my sister and though we cant remember the lyrics we have spent most of the time singing to each other 'do you want to build a snowman?' and driving people insane XD
I was actually hoping that with Kirstoff's love of ice would actually encourage Elsa that her power was a good thing and bring her out of her slump. Anyway still a good movie.
Xyleea Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013  Student Digital Artist
And Elsa has this perpetual sultry look to her, esp. during the Let it Go scene and the 'The cold has never bothered me anyway' parts. *_* Oof. I didn't listen to the song beforehand but I feel like Anna and Elsa are unintentionally giving out those vibes... But they're sisters which makes it somewhat more awkward (OK so they look like they're in love but they're sisters). And agree about Kristoff, I only get their chemistry during the wolf attack scene, otherwise not so much. FROZEN FTW.
I thought Disney was going in a totally new direction with this movie (true love thing, no prince-y saving the day stuff, and the whole subtext :P) I'm just glad they scrapped the initial idea with the prophecy and antagonist Elsa.
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