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August 28, 2013


16 (who?)
and i have some things i plan on covering  pretty clearly defined.

brushes, light modes, filters  and some painting stuff like values contrasts basic stuff through some examples+some tips and tricks

however it struck me... might as well ask what you would like to see covered. as it hit me that i might be taking some technical sides to my process too much for granted and miss opportunities to make things clearer
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Darklarik Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014
Any update on this?
Shin-DFP Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013
wow really late on this i am. 

what i would like to see really is more thought process and things to consider that you would have liked to have considered or been more aware of when you where first starting out. 

if it wouldn't be a problem. 

Honestly there are tutorials for this stuff every where. What i think a lot of people actually need is more of a why approach as opposed to a how. 

happy halloween 
shadowyzman Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I'll look forward to them! Love your tutorials!
DrTran42 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I was just wondering, why is it i can't seem to find Ravine Vol 2 anywhere? You did say that it was going to be released in August right?
sgtflyer Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013
well, it's listed with a release date for the 23 october on image comics - so we will have to wait until then :)
NoisyBunny Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
noooooooooooooooo *sobs*
timohuovinen Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013  Hobbyist
Can't wait
Skvaderflight Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2013
Aside from showing the process of your work, the basic stuff like shape and form. There are a few videos of that on Youtube already, but with each one you pick up something new.
mdixondesigns Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2013  Student Filmographer
I'm a long-time fan of your channels, but I've never commented on your work or notes before.  I love your "no excuses" approach to putting in the time, practicing relentlessly, and developing your own style.  I have some of your rants about practicing saved on my computer so I can read them when I'm feeling lazy XD

The process I'd love you see you cover in a video is the Z-Brush-to-Photoshop workflow you use for dragons in Ravine.  I know you already have some sculpting time-lapses, but I'd love to see the process of compositing your 3D renders into 2D digital paintings!
zafroghippo Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Loved the way it went with the mermaid tutorial! Couldn't ask for more!
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